Promotional Gifts

As urban gardeners, we have made it our goal to share the fascination of nature by making it accessible through beautiful gifts. Brands and companies adorn themselves with our green, lovingly and beautifully crafted gifts for customers, guests, employees, and fans sustainably, honestly, and authentically. What sets our promotional items apart:

  • Eye-catching and unique: Stadtgärtner gifts are innovative, unique, and always useful. Our products and packaging are not off the shelf but specially developed specialties with green radiance.
  • Regional production: All our products are handcrafted in protected workshops in Germany.
  • Natural materials, ecologically valuable: We use sustainable materials such as soil, seeds, clay, and FSC paper. So, our products leave no plastic waste behind, only colorful flowers.

Directly to a product category:

Colorful Flower Marbles

True to our motto "Throw, Wait, Delight," our all-time bestseller is available in small & large, colorful, and in various eye-catching and effective packaging! Does your customer prefer only one color? No problem at all – the marble mix can also be customized with desired colors. Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Yellow are available. ❤️💙💚💛💜

5 Flower Marbles in Pergamin Bag

Flower marbles in glassine bag

5 Large Flower Marbles in Quail Egg Carton

Flower Marbles in Quail Egg Carton

Large Flower Marble in 1-Piece Carrier

Large Flower Marble in Carrier Card

25 Flower Marbles in Cotton Bag

Flower Marbles in Cotton Bag

12 Flower Marbles in a Folding Box

Folding Box with 12 Flower Marbles

Seed Bombs

Our popular seed bombs come in various sizes, colors, and packaging options – perfect for conveying individual messages. 💚 Discover our seed bombs as a growing promotional item that leaves a lasting impression on your customers and our environment.

Seed Bomb in Pergamin Bag

Seed Bomb in Pergamin Bag

3 Seed Bombs in Cotton Bag with Custom Hangtag

3 Seed Bombs in Cotton Bag

5 Seedbombs in a Tea Bag

5 Seedbombs in a paper tea bag

5 Seedbombs in a Printed Cotton Bag

5 Seedbombs in a cotton bag

Seedbomb 4x4x4 cm Packaging Cube

Seedbombs in packaging cubes

Creative Seed Packaging

Distribute seeds infused with your individual advertising message and convey a green message!

Seed on a Stick

Individual Seed Greeting

Seed and Seed Paper Confetti in a Case

Seed Confetti in a case

Loose Flower Seeds in High-Quality Paper Envelope with Tear-Off Tab

Seed in Envelope with stickers

Wildflower Seed in a Printed Envelope as a Promotional Product

Seed in Printed Envelope

Emotional Gifts

Special gifts for big wishes on any occasion or as a small token of appreciation for customers, employees, and colleagues.

Postcards & Folded Cards

Our postcards and greeting cards are more than just traditional greetings – they offer an experience and the opportunity to plant a piece of nature.

Postcard with Individual Seed Paper Shape

Postcard with Seed Paper

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